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Short post - two videos!

Quick post today - Just a few videos of two of my current students!

Katie riding Brandy
Katie started learning to jump as part of a school project! She is doing wonderful!

Stacey riding Albert
Stacey has been an excellent rider for Albert! He really loves her patience and compassion.

Raising the bar

It has been a while since I have written a blog entry. For up-to-date news and events, check out myFacebook page! 

I have been working with Epona on jumping. I believe that she enjoys it! Teaching a horse to jump is not as easy as you may think. First we build a foundation with trot poles, strengthening the horses back muscles. Then comes gymnastics work. Gymnastics are a very useful tool. Usually a gymnastic exercise (also referred to as a grid) includes a few different elements. When I set up a grid, I usually include trot poles at the beginning and at least two jumps.

Epona Update

Well it has been a while since I wrote anything on here!!! I have 2 videos I have made of her progress, but even those are outdated! The first one is of thefirst two weeks, basically groundwork, some desensitizing to equipment and some exercising and free jumping.

At that point, I could tell she was sensitive, smart and curious. She was very wary of trusting humans. It took me several days to get her to let me catch her. She still does not come running to the gate to meet anyone, but at least she doesn't cringe when a human looks at her.

New training horse!

Hi there!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of heading up north a little ways to pick up a lovely Grey Mare. She is a 4 year old Arabian, barely halter broke. She is still trying to help us figure out what her name is. :)

Right now she is probably out in her quarantine paddock, staring at her neighbor wondering what happened... A few days ago she was kept in a roundpen, possibly lonely, but the horse that got the short end of the stick due to lack of time to train. She is still very leery of humans and wonders if we are all out to trick her and scare her.

Schooling Show

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting a lovely stable south of the Twin Cities near Rochester, MN.Turn Crest Stableis a wonderful lesson barn that hosts a few schooling shows each season. They have tidy facilities and the horses are all happy and healthy! 

Due to the weather, the show had been modified only slightly, holding the flat classes in the indoor arena and the Over Fences Classes in the outdoor arena. It was really nice that they had the flexibility to be able to accommodate the show even with all the rain we have gotten!


Mud, mud, mud, and more mud!!!

I have learned first hand that mud is not a problem isolated to one area. Many people have to deal with springtime mud. And here in Minnesota it is no different. We really needed the extra moisture so that our grass can actually grow, but mother nature decided instead of giving it to us over the course of winter, she would just snow a little (a LOT) extra in the spring instead. We were in drought conditions going into spring, and now we are not. That is a lot of moisture.

Ground manners part 2

So I touched on the basics of manners and respect in leading and grooming. These are the most important building blocks to training a horse. If they are overlooked, certain holes in the horse's later training will appear, and will be harder to deal with.

Lets talk a bit about respect.Respect is an understanding by the horse that you are in charge, and great things can come from you, but also that you have rules and boundaries that need to be obeyed before there can be affection and praise for a job well done.

Ground manners, respect, and transferrence into under-saddle work

All too often we, as humans, underestimate the value of solid ground work with our horses. Most people will make sure a horse can lead properly, or will follow when led, and probably some work on standing still while grooming, making sure the horse understands not to step on the humans feet, those kinds of things. I want to talk about the things that get overlooked.These important "rules" or guidelines we set when working with horses on the ground have direct correlations to the work and respect we get from the animal under-saddle.

Jumping Gymnastics!

Well the weather prevented us from riding outside today. Again making me thankful for the wonderful indoor arena at CPH. So I turned on the radio and prepped for some intense flat work drills. Apparently I had set the bar too low for today, ha!

Luciano was wonderful and very willing and supple in everything I asked him to do. I challenged him more by taking each exercise to the next level, and I was met with more willingness and suppleness. So I figured, hey lets set up another gymnastic and raise the bar (pun intended).

Winter trail ride

Today I took my horse out for the first trail ride of the year!! Yesterday I prepped him a bit by hand walking him down the trails, checking them for footing quality, and making sure he was confident and sure-footed enough to have a  good time. Spent about 20 minutes out yesterday hand walking, and boy were my legs tired! My mind immediately thought "wow, this is gonna be a great workout for his back!"

So today I rode him in the arena, then hand walked him on the trail for about 5 minutes, and then got on.
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