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The gymnastics saga continues!
Step two gymnastics for the green/unconfident horse
Gymnastics to increase your horse's confidence and co-ordination (or to teach him to jump from square one)
One month with Mo
We moved to Florida!!!


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The gymnastics saga continues!

This marks the third post of jumping gymnastics. These are designed for a few scenarios:

1. Green horse new to jumping
2. Unconfident horse needing to gain muscle strength, coordination, and confidence over fences
3. Horses coming back to jumping work needing to build up strength
4. Horses who need to refine their skills and polish their jumping form (the first few lessons will be refreshers for this horse)

SO at this point your horse should be confident and comfortable over trot poles, canter poles, and a simple gymnastic of trot poles to a small cross rail.

Step two gymnastics for the green/unconfident horse

If you haven't read my first gymnastics post, please head back and check it out! It goes over the basics needed before training your horse to jump. 

If you have read it, by this time your horse should be consistently and confidently working over trot poles and canter poles in various areas of your riding space. If you are unsure, spend a bit more time on those before moving on. You can also continue varying the trot and canter poles by raising alternating sides of the rails with a small riser.

Gymnastics to increase your horse's confidence and co-ordination (or to teach him to jump from square one)

I wanted to start a mini-series on setting up gymnastics at home for your horse. 

Most of these upcoming exercises will be easy for a young, green horse. 

They are designed to be worked in order. Each task should be completed, and ridden until the horse is 100% reliable with the particular setup, before moving on. 

The first step to get your horse comfortable with Jumping Gymnastics is trotting poles. Depending on your individual horse, the measurement between poles will be 3-5'. For example, my 14.

One month with Mo

Last week marked the completion of one month's training with a beautiful Morgan named Mo. Mo came to me after a long break from working under saddle. His owner had worked with him before that break, but there were a few issues. She hired a few trainers in the mean time to try to iron out the kinks, but they did not work out for various reasons. 

Mo is a very sweet horse, who I would rate as being somewhat insensitive and a bit slow to respond to cues. I believe that he remembers what certain things mean, but only vaguely, and in addition to that, he wasn't sure how to make his body perform what I asked of him.

Why do you keep saying "Right Rein" when I'm turning left???

We need to talk. 

Riding a horse involves coordination, balance, strength and patience. As you progress, you work towards higher goals and raise your expectations of you and your horse. suddenly, you can feel your horse making decisions, changing balance, speed and focus, and you never noticed these things before. One of the biggest transitional changes if the use of the outside rein. 

In beginning riding lessons, we learn to look left and open the left rein to turn left. Simple, right? As you progress, you work towards riding the horse underneath you instead of just pointing the horse's nose where they need to go.

Some thoughts on showing

Horse shows aren't for everyone. There is a lot of prep time, pressure, goals, and lets not forget they aren't free. 

But there are many benefits to showing. Even small local shows give riders the opportunity to work towards tangible goals, and to show off their skills and be proud of their achievements. There is also the added benefit of another professional horseperson watching your ride and objectively judging your skills. At local schooling shows, most judges are willing to talk to you after your ride to point out areas for improvement.

No stirrup November!

No stirrup November is coming to a close. It is a good time to focus on adding in extra challenges to your normal routine. Currently a video is being made with some fun clips.

If you haven't worked without stirrups yet, there are still a few days in November! and you don't have to limit your muscle-building fun to just one month! 

Start slow, just with walking... and hold your leg in the same position as if you had stirrups: knee on the knee roll, heel below your hip, and remember to sit up tall.

Raising the bar

It has been a while since I have written a blog entry. For up-to-date news and events, check out myFacebook page! 

I have been working with Epona on jumping. I believe that she enjoys it! Teaching a horse to jump is not as easy as you may think. First we build a foundation with trot poles, strengthening the horses back muscles. Then comes gymnastics work. Gymnastics are a very useful tool. Usually a gymnastic exercise (also referred to as a grid) includes a few different elements. When I set up a grid, I usually include trot poles at the beginning and at least two jumps.

Epona Update

Well it has been a while since I wrote anything on here!!! I have 2 videos I have made of her progress, but even those are outdated! The first one is of thefirst two weeks, basically groundwork, some desensitizing to equipment and some exercising and free jumping.

At that point, I could tell she was sensitive, smart and curious. She was very wary of trusting humans. It took me several days to get her to let me catch her. She still does not come running to the gate to meet anyone, but at least she doesn't cringe when a human looks at her.

New training horse!

Hi there!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of heading up north a little ways to pick up a lovely Grey Mare. She is a 4 year old Arabian, barely halter broke. She is still trying to help us figure out what her name is. :)

Right now she is probably out in her quarantine paddock, staring at her neighbor wondering what happened... A few days ago she was kept in a roundpen, possibly lonely, but the horse that got the short end of the stick due to lack of time to train. She is still very leery of humans and wonders if we are all out to trick her and scare her.
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