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Services Offered

Call or email today to learn more about my services and set up an appointment to come see the farm! Rates are competitive and subject to change.

Riding Lessons

I offer beginner to advanced riding lessons, at my home barn in Saint Petersburg, FL. Trailer-in lessons also available.

Introductory riding lesson: The first lesson I like to meet you, get acquainted with each other and the facility, and begin to develop a riding plan for you. This lesson usually takes longer than a regular lesson. Usually I anticipate our first lesson to last up to an hour and a half. Safety, horse care, grooming and equipment check are included. I require that the rider wear an approved helmet, long pants, and riding boots (smooth sole and 1" heel). Some loaner items available.

Private riding lesson: I specialize in hunter/jumpers but am proficient in teaching any beginner, as the basic principles of horsemanship and safe riding are the same no matter what discipline you choose.

Group Riding Lessons: Group lessons are a fantastic way to learn - watch others, see how they handle issues. In group lessons we also have opportunites to make friends, play games on horseback, collaborate, and learn with others! I believe the best scenario for a rider to progress and become confident is a combination of group lessons and private lessons!

Horse training and riding

Exercise/tune-up rides: This service is on a case-by-case basis. I will gladly keep your horse in shape, get him back into shape or offer a few rides as tune-up before or at an event like a show or trail ride. Please call or email me for more details.

Full Training: Call for availability

Horse Show Coaching

Horse show coaching includes coaching in the warm-up and ringside during your classes. Coaching does not include extras like feedings or stall cleanings. Show participants are expected to assist in loading tack and supplies onto the trailer, in addition to caring for your horse day of the show. We have a team atmosphere and will often swap feedings so you wont have to return to the show grounds multiple times when you are not showing. Coaching fees are on top of travel and housing costs which vary greatly, and can be shared and split.

We are planning on attending all LAJUF and MSC shows this year, and I am available to go to other shows with you if you prefer.

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