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I take lessons at High Tide Equestrian on my own horse but have had a few lessons on the lesson horses. The instructor really pushes good equitation (proper riding technique). I feel like my equitation has improved so much in the last year. 

-- Rosa

I thoroughly enjoy getting back to riding after a 30-year hiatus. Jasmin is a wonderful trainer and has helped me improve my equitation and comfort in the saddle. There are never too many questions to ask and the horses are well cared for. If you are looking for a trainer that cares about you and your goals look no further!

-- Cynthia

Very knowledgeable and great with my daughter!

--- Michelle

Jasmin is very nice and helpful in instructing my daughters riding lessons. She feels very comfortable with the horse and her instructor. Great choice!

--- Annemarie

Jasmin was quick to respond to my inquiry and offered very good price for lessons. My daughter loved her lesson in big part because Jasmine did a great job connecting my daughter. You can tell she read and remembered what I wrote in my description of my daughter's riding experience. We will be taking her lessons now on the regular basis. An equestrian place much closer to us that had us on the waiting list called me this week and said that a spot opened up, however after asking my daughter it was clear that she would like to continue taking her lessons from Jasmin!

--- Katya

I've been riding with Jasmin of High Tide Equestrian for 6 months now and can't say enough great things about her! She not only has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge, she has the ability to skillfully impart that knowledge to both horse and rider. Bravo Jasmin!

--- Paris

Good Instruction and horses!

--- Donna

I've always had an interest in jumping but have never been able to develop a solid foundation in the discipline until I met Jasmin. I have been a working student for Jasmin for a few months now, and I've learned such an unbelievable amount in that short time. Jasmin is a fantastic teacher because she has a great way of explaining your riding flaws; not only does she point them out, but she’ll teach you how to fix them as well. She is so straightforward and down to earth in her knowledge of horses. You don’t just improve your physical riding with Jasmin’s lessons; you learn tack terminology and horse anatomy and so much more information! Jasmin knows how to push a rider’s limits without overwhelming them. She doesn't ask more than what her student is capable of doing, and is always encouraging and positive in her lessons. Jasmin’s helped me improve my riding skills so tremendously within the short time I've known her and I’m so happy to have found a trainer as great as her.

--- Ruby

I have been training with Jasmin for a couple months now and it has been nothing but the best experience! From the beginning, I had complete faith in her knowledge and felt extremely comfortable with her friendly, warm persona. Week to week she continues to challenge me and correct my years of bad habits, all while having fun. I leave every lesson feeling more confident in my riding skills and knowing I have truly learned something. I could not be more thankful for finding a trainer like Jasmin and am looking forward to many more lessons to come!

--- Kaitlyn P

I met Jasmin after working with another trainer for many years. I've been riding with her for about seven now, and within I have learned so much. The whole training experience and is very positive. From the moment I get on the horse, Jasmin gives me insight on how I can improve, and make myself better. Her lessons are super fun, and always different. When she first meets you, she finds out what you would like to achieve as a rider and helps you set goals. She figures out what you need to improve on, and helps you with it. She is a versatile trainer and always has multiple ways to help you understand and execute the technique needed to succeed in what you're working on. Jasmin pushes you to be better, and I always come out of my lesson knowing I'm getting closer to achieving my goals.

--- Ellie

I have been riding with Jasmin for about 4 or 5 months now. I am very impressed & confident in her knowledge & skill set. She focuses on positives more than negatives during lessons & takes the time to "review" your lesson & reflect. She takes extra time to do special little things for her students so they can see their progress. Her explanations lead into the "why's" of something rather "just do it this way". She has readily accepted the challenge of training me training my horse & she knows there are several different training techniques one can use to achieve the same result & she chooses the one best suited for the horse. Jasmin is by nature a calm person which transfers to both the horse & rider. She has a great way with students to push them forward while keeping the rider focused instead of unsure.

Jasmin is an active participant in showing & knows the ins & outs of the show ring & what goes on behind the scenes. She is great at placing rider/horse teams in the appropriate class/division & even gives gentle nudges when the rider may be unsure if they are ready to move up - I love her "you won't know until you try" philosophy.

I very much enjoy riding with Jasmin & look forward to many more hours of training & many more days of showing!

--- Veronica

No matter your skill level, Jasmin is a great trainer to work with. For the beginner, she is very thorough and adamant about covering the basics, which will provide you with a sound and safe practice for riding and being around horses. As you advance, Jasmin continues to provide small nudges, challenges, and enough flexibility to assure that you progress in your riding, but do so confidently and safely. She is always willing to take the time out to explain the fundamentals and the workings behind what is being taught in the lesson, and what the path would be to moving forward. Even for advanced riders, there is no detail or defect too small in your riding that would escape Jasmin's keen eye! She is honest and straightforward and very refreshing to work with.

--- Stacey

I am an adult learner and have found that Jasmin has many wonderful qualities as an instructor. Just to name a few she is patient, attentive, observant, knowledgeable, friendly, personable, tactful, flexible, reliable. She has made my journey in learning to ride as well as helping me understand about horses a very positive experience and I look forward to each lesson.

--- Kristie

“Taking lessons from Jasmin has been an amazing experience. She’s done a fantastic job of motivating and challenging me without ever pushing me beyond my abilities. I know that she would never ask me to do more than I was capable of and I've always felt safe and comfortable –despite having a huge fear of riding when I first came to her. Because of her compassionate and professional style, my confidence in the saddle has increased tremendously since we've started working together. Only a few lessons in and we’re already working at a fast trot and doing small jumps –something I have thought I was capable of a few months ago! If you’re looking for an experienced teacher you can trust, Jasmin is the one for you.”

--- Jen

“I started riding with Jasmin in February with a goal of getting back into a little jumping just for fun. What a great experience it has been! Jasmin challenges me while still making it fun and I feel like I'm making good progress towards my personal goals. She has a great way of explaining what she wants me to do, is patient while I unlearn years of bad habits and I'm having a blast the whole time! I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and look forward to them each week. Her patience, thoroughness and professionalism make her an outstanding instructor for new riders as well as those who are looking to their skills.”

--- Peggy 

“I have been taking riding lessons on and off for years. No matter how many lessons I have taken, I never quite felt like I was getting it. In the short time that I have been taking lessons with Jasmin Seitzer, I have learned more in her program than any other program that I have been involved with. I feel like my skills have improved tremendously, which has given confidence in my own riding abilities. She is very knowledgeable and can answer any question with confidence no matter how big or small the question is. She understands that each rider is an individual and has different needs. This understanding gives her the flexibility to adapt her lesson style to each rider, versus having a one size fits all program. Jasmin is very patient and focuses on the rider during her lessons, she has a way of always ending on a good note. At the end of each lesson, I look forward to my next lesson, no matter how bad my legs hurt.”

--- Jolene

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